Does God use our personality flaws to His advantage?

It seems like when people think of the major men of God, at least people who probably don’t believe, they tend to think that the prophets had no flaws.  Or rather, maybe they thought they were foolish men who ignored their flaws at God’s behest.  But for those of use who do know, Peter was a loudmouth who literally denied God 3 times, Paul was a killer of Christians when he was Saul, Moses killed a guy and buried him in the sand to cover it up, ect.  But God used all of them, many for amazing things in His kingdom.  Heck, Moses even got to look at God literally pass by him, which is amazing.  Of course, when they sinned, God judged them and when they asked for forgiveness, He had mercy on them.  They and their families saw the consequences, but He stuck with them when they repented.

Now what about the small stuff?

It said Moses was slow in tongue, and Peter or Paul (I can’t remember admittedly) had a thorn in the flesh given to him, some believe that it was failing eyesight.  Peter’s loudness, Paul’s guilt from his past…did God use these?  It’s no mystery nor is it unknown that God uses the small things in life to show His hand, because honestly a lot of them we’d never believe would happen if God hadn’t done it.  Like how over and over again, He would use the little bands of Israelites in the Old Testament to take down huge heathen armies, so He would get the glory.   But now in the New Testiment, does He still do that with us?

Can God use our personality flaws to show that, when He does something using us, that people can see it was Him?  It of course doesn’t give us any excuse for bad behavior or sin, but does it show His mercy to be able to use us when we blatantly suck at doing things right?

I honestly love it that way.  I love it when God decides to use me, and I think that I am totally messing up or not doing something as eloquently as it seems I would need to for it to work.  But that’s the thing, God does the work.  The Holy Spirit does the work.  We just have to be willing to say or do what it is He’s leading to.

Even now my pride is kinda going “YEAH LOOK WHAT I’M DOING FOR GOD,” and if it were up to whether I was humble or not when doing this it would do nothing.  But I just have to ask God to forgive my pride, and let Him do what He’s gonna do.

Has He ever used you despite yourself?  Because He can.


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