Traits of the typical action/adventure anime protagonist

I seem to have noticed an odd similarity between the protagonist/heroes in different anime and manga, and I’m a bit curious if anyone else has noticed these trends.  In the case of these protagonists, they’re feature in action/adventure manga.  Here we go!

He wants to be the best _____, and he probably will


Along with a huge well of optimism, the character also has very grand aspirations.  He wants to be the King of the Pirates, the Hokage, the best fighter there ever was, ect. He is willing to die for this goal, even if his reasons (or lack there of) make sense to no one else.

He loves to eat.

Image result for Luffy eating

Being so relentless in training makes for a big appetite, and he gorges himself on a regular basis.  In the case of One Piece’s Luffy, he uses his special gum-gum fruit ability of stretching his body.  Think of it as a human balloon, just filled with meat and bread.

Got an enemy?  No worries, they’ll be friends by the end of the season

Image result for saitama fighting

One thing that the protagonist does best is attract strong opponents, who often seek the same goal of being the best.  Most often times, they’re personal philosophies completely contradict one another.  The classic cases are Goku and Vegeta, Naruto and Sasuke, or more recently the lackadaisical Saitama and his studious disciple Genos. Though admittedly DragonBall Z/Super has the best turnover rate of villains I’ve seen besides MLP.

He’s not the brightest. at least not in a traditional sense


He may be a genius at fighting, but he sure as heck can’t balance a checkbook.  But that’s what all of the entourage is for.  Social norms seem to escape him as well, but he’s so powerful that somehow people tend to respect him very quickly.

They will/are the strongest, so you best


Image result for Goku fighting


Image result for Luffy fighting


Image result for naruto fighting


Image result for saitama fighting



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