What I wanted to be as a kid

When I was younger, even as old as my high school years, I was kind of unsure what I wanted to be.  Here are some of the ideas that bustled around at that time.

 Voice Actor

Image result for voice actor

Who wouldn’t want to be a voice actor?  I mean, you get to have fun giving a character their voice!  It can be action, adventure, romance, maybe a bit of song and dance as well!  I won’t say I wanted to specifically be in an anime, but yeah I did.

An artist at Pixar

Related image

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to work at Disney.  My grandmother even used to say I would someday.  Nowadays I’d aim for Pixar as far as the quality of art, animation, story, ect.  I have no knowledge of animation, so it would be as a character, concept, or storyboard artist.

A Broadway actress (specifically Eponine from Les Miserables)

Image result for Les Mis eponine

I knew after a few years that I didn’t have the dedication for this kind of work, but darnit if I didn’t fall in love with this character.

Videogame artist

Image result for sonic sega logo

I know that if I had gone down this career path, most likely I would have burnt out from the competition very quickly.  But in the past, all I wanted was to work at SEGA and make sonic stuff.

Jazz singer

Image result for jazz singer

Another more “frivolous” option that I had considered, was to be a freelance singer.  Could have been interesting, but I was really interested in more steady work.  I say it now with a wry chuckle, but I have been happy with my life thus far.

And you know what, let’s be honest about the last one.

Fashion Illustrator

Image result for fashion artist

I was all about this til I realized it would mean more college, and more money.

Heck with it, I wanted to be a Disney Princess

Image result for belle beauty and the beast

I’m listening to my rendition of Soon from Thumbalina, and I realize just how much I still want to be the voice of a fairy tale gal who sings, speaks her mind, and lives happily ever after.  Nostalgia wins again.

What did you wanna be when you grew up?


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