What is the best way to get a job as a freelance artist?

This isn’t a direct question, so much as a musing being thrown into the ether.

Why is it so difficult to start out into the freelance art field?  Or even just the freelance/work from home area?  When I look through the internet for anything that has to do with working from home or virtually, usually the first spammed posts are about either getting your eggs harvested or being a “web model.”

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Eh, no thank you.

Sadly I am finding out more and more, there are just too many starting out now that want to do the same thing that I want to.  There are websites now like freelancer and upwork that attempt to facilitate the hordes of potential workers, but they tend to work on a process of bidding.

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That’s right!  Now not only do you have to compete with a mass of artists that are better than you, but also with the possibility that an employer could totally pass you over for someone who has a cheaper rate.  Then of course there are the employers who are looking for workers with a certain experience level, which is a sinker if you have never been able to prove your skills on that site.

So what do you end up doing?  Pumping out art. A lot of art.

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That’s at the stage I am at the moment really.  I have numerous social media and art accounts, I guess including this one, and I just keep making content. And I’m very lucky to have any followers in any media.  But when you’re in that in-between of, “I enjoy making this content” and “no one wants to pay for it,” what do you do?  There will be people who are in that camp no matter what you do, but that’s not the point. You could do a patreon, and cause scarcity by creating content that can only be seen if someone pays.  You could also make the convention rounds and get a following that way.  There is of course no guarantee that you’ll get any sales online after that, but I have been considering this one.  I was unlucky to miss the registration for Saboten Con’s artist alley, I guess I try next year.

I’m guessing the only thing I haven’t considered now is going local.

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I have friends that are artists as well, and have found relative success in the local circuit of freelance.  I guess finding a starting point to post local artists would be the way to go…  But where do you go?  Coffee shops?  Local theaters?  Perhaps social media websites for around Arizona? (I’m in Arizona.)

Sadly, this is harder said than done.  As a caregiver, I have to keep myself planted at home in case I’m needed.  That’s it, no negotiation.  So how do you work local, but online from home, without having a schedule you have to work around?



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