Having a balance on Easter

So there is always, as with most holidays, the debate on whether to participate in all of the over commercialized elements or to keep it simple.  Or in my case, being Christian, to just focus on the Resurrection of Jesus.

In my case, I just go, “why not both?”

Image result for both is good eldorado

Now I’m not saying “celebrate the ultra commercialism as well as go to mass/church.”  I mean enjoy small amounts of the innocent fun stuff, but still keep Christ foremost.

I mean Christmas is the celebration of His birth, but Easter is the celebration of His rising from the dead.  From rising victoriously after He seemingly was “defeated” by human death.  From the Son of God, who had no sin whatsoever, literally being tortured beyond recognition, dying an excruciating death, taking on everyone’s sins, and rising again.  It’s a big deal.  The biggest deal.  Not belittling Christmas, but we tend to not make a bigger deal of Easter.

Image result for jesus empty tomb

And if you’re a Christian, why not use the cutesy stuff as an outreach as well?  Like the family lunches, and the Easter hunts.  Heck, I did them at my church.  And if I ever have kids, they’re gonna enjoy the same thing.  My mom even still makes me Easter baskets, which is the sweetest thing. Of course one of my favorite Easter traditions:

Related image

Easter Parade.  Personally my favorite number from it is “We’re a Couple of Swells.”

Image result for easter parade movie

And finally, the coup de grâce:

Image result for cadbury eggs

‘Nuff said.

Happy Easter everybody.


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