News: how much is too much?

Honestly, I find myself not watching it that much.  At least not the national news.  I’ll watch the local stuff quite often, which happens to be Fox.  It’s upbeat and silly, but I notice even that station tends to focus on the negatives far too much… But it makes me wonder, is it just that I’m not willing to listen to bad news?  I know that in ratings speak, negative news tends to make for much more viewership.  This is especially shown when they tend to cycle the same negative stories all throughout the day, be it national or local.  Then of course the same happens when they have cute animals, adorable stories, ect.  This makes the news very polarized, and often I find myself flipping past the news very easily.  At the same time, I have the choice whether to make myself be informed or to bury my head.

What level is “acceptable?”  What level of news saturation makes it so that you can be not blocked off from the world, but not bogged down by all of the horrible things that are happening in the world?  My parents are watching the national CBN news as I speak, and in the beginning I wanted to go “no news thanks.”  But as I watch it, as a Christian, I find myself very encouraged by the stories of what God is doing.  There is obviously horrible things that are told as well, such as the recent attacks on churches in the Middle East.   But they balance.

As I write, I think of another “news outlets” that I enjoy: NPR and Sunday Morning on CBS.  Maybe it’s because they tend to have a couple of things in common with one another: they treat their stories with very great respect.  Negative, positive, people based, they always have a great deal of patience.   And another thing they do alike, is balance.  Balancing fun and games – such as Wait Wait Don’t Tell me on NPR or musical pieces on Sunday Morning – as well as stuff that is strictly a distilling of information.

Yeah so…I ramble….I didn’t even think about newspapers.  I just don’t read all that much so I guess I can skip that part.



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