My job

Today has been a good day, a standard day.

Got up, got my dad breakfast, we got his chemo pumps taken off, got some food. After that it’s been a day of instsgrsmming, virtual farming, and watching Disney movies.  Which is my job.  This is my job.

There is a lot of different definitions for what people call a job.  For me, before, it was always retail or customer service stuff.  For my dad, it was working at a cubicle. For mom too.  And my sister.  To be completely honest I thought that was what I was supposed to do.  But I guess in this case, for now, God has different plans

I’m an art major, so I really didn’t have a huge payday coming unless I happened to get real famous real quick.  Sadly I still feel like that’s kinda true, but at this point God has helped me to trust Him enough to know that He’s gonna lead me to whatever it is I need to take ca of myself.  Hopefully it’s a job job someday…. but for now this blog, my volunteering, caring for my family, will do very nicely.


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